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Indiana-born Stephen A. Bowers began his career, as a cartoonist and illustrator, having qualified in Fine Arts, Painting and Sculpture at John Herron Art Institute back in 1972. By the late eighties, in California, and approaching his forties, he had developed a passion for resolving the issues related to representation and negotiation between businesses, industry and creative professionals.

He graduated from Pepperdine University Law School in 1990 with a Juris Doctor law degree, and began his legal practice in Malibu, CA after taking the California Bar in 1991. Licensed in Nevada in 2001, he set up business in the fast-moving city of Las Vegas, representing his local business and professional community. He focused on the construction industry for more than fifteen years, and utilizing his general contractor’s license, he honed his craft in claims regarding defects, personal injury, general liability and transactional law.

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Stephen A. Bowers set up Legalify Alliance Wheelhouse, with litigation support provided by Clint Allen, to robustly deal with matters ranging from contract law, negotiation and intellectual property, to entertainment industry practices and various types of business litigation. He brings to bear his considerable creativity to advocate for his clients in negotiation and before courts throughout Nevada and the southwest, all the way up to the United States Court of Appeals 9th Circuit. When it comes to your business and your livelihood, there are few more talented nor courageous attorneys who understand so much about the importance of getting right to the heart of the matter to clearly show how the facts support your case.

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Mr. Bowers will deal personally with you, and he can be available whenever you need him, day or night. Contact us now for your free initial consultation or call Legalify at 702-613-4646.

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