Gianna M. Orlandi, Esq. brings her upper east coast savvy to the western frontier, honed her law education at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, locating in the heart of the progressive west here in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is sworn into the Nevada Bar in 1993 (NBN: 5087) to the beat of her heart felt passion for her law practice focusing primarily on tort (civil) litigation.

Since 1994,  within and for the next two decades and beyond,  Gianna has proven her adaptability, knowledge, and practice through private practice and an additional public sector 11-year stint with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office as a deputy attorney general prosecuting civil and criminal cases on behalf of  the  people within the great State of Nevada.

Gianna is now practicing in the private sector as she carries forth the LEGALIFY torch of justice for her plaintiff clients’ civil tort litigation. Her practice is  lighting the way for justice and remedy across the  legal profession frontier by her emphasis on embracing client transparency that ultimately becomes the client empowerment.

Therefore, Gianna is  committed to the highest standard of care and advocacy for the legal consumer with the attorney – client relationship serving as her number one priority.

Gianna  believes “YOUR MATTERS MATTER!”


We’ll Take This However Far It Needs To Go, And Win

THE LEGALIFY TEAM is supported with litigation support is progressive, diligent and robust.  Areas of law practice with matters ranging from contract law, negotiation, and intellectual property, to entertainment industry practices and various types of business litigation. We brings to bear considerable creativity to advocate for our clients in negotiation and before the courts.  When it comes to your business and your livelihood, there are few more talented nor courageous attorneys who understand so much about the importance of getting right to the heart of the matter to clearly show how the nexus of facts and law support your case.

At LEGALIFY, your matters matter to us, so call today!

Ms Orlandi and / or Mr. Allen  will connect with you personally. Contact us now for your free initial consultation or call Legalify at 702-613-4646.

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