Litigation Law

The Law Offices of Stephen A. Bowers primarily is in the practice of civil litigation because the litigation process is the remedial nexus to serving “your matters that matter” in areas of business law, contracts, estate planning, trusts and family law. We are solution driven down the remedy road to resolution by way of the civil litigation process.
Litigate? Negotiate? Advocate ? Navigate? Adjudicate ? The processes and choices are many and important.

The Legalify team is here to provide you with the most optimal option for course of action that will ensure your voice and interests are front and center and your equities are protected and served.

“Your matters matter!”  The Law Offices of Stephen A. Bowers with the Legalify team practices from small business to personal individualized legal matters, construction / real estate to contracts, family practice to intellectual property; WE PROVIDE YOU AS A LEGAL CONSUMER THE EMPOWERMENT & TRANSPARENCY – YOU CONTROL.

We help clients like you throughout the Riverside, San Bernardino and Palm Springs areas for all types of litigation matters.

Our attorney-client relationship with YOU matters and is paramount to the resolution process because “Equity aids the vigilant, not those that slumber on their rights.”

Call today for a free consultation to discuss your litigation matter (310) 770-8495.

Reasonably, your omission of conduct to take action will allow exposure of detriment in status quo to remain at your disadvantage. We at your service for remedy otherwise.

Our business services include but are not limited to business formation, contract drafting and review, and collection and lien foreclosure litigation

Our estate planning services include asset protection planning with revocable and irrevocable trusts, probate and trust administration, and probate and trust litigation

Our family law services included divorce and child custody disputes and related litigation

WE can do this one step at a time. WE make the difference with YOU, for YOU, and about YOU.


Contact the Legalify Alliance Wheelhouse (L.A.W.) NOW contact our representative Mr. Allen via text or voice at 310-770-8495 for a free consultation.

Thank you and stay well.

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